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SUTU commissions RaD for Future Dreaming Doco

Rat & Dragon last year teamed up with internationally renowned artist Sutu to collaborate on the creation of Future Dreaming, a VR experience scripted and lead by four indigenous teenagers imagining their futures to the backdrop of their lives in remote Western Australia.

“We wanted to create a project that would be cool for any kid to get their teeth into, and the kids that got involved were kids from my community which is predominantly aboriginal,” explains director Sutu. “Turns out that Ali, Maxi, Nelson and Maverick would be uniquely suited for their imagined future in space travel, as they already live in a remote environment and are therefore incredibly resourceful.”

The VR project is accompanied by a documentary series shot by Rat & Dragon that it set to air on national TV later this year.

RaD chases surfers for Mojosurf Academy Hero

Surfing’s more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle. Legendary surf adventure group Mojosurf certainly know what they’re talking about and RaD are hot on their heels chasing down epic waves, frothing surfers and wicked moments on Australia’s East Coast.

“We’re capturing the essence of the Mojosurf academy – the lifestyle, the achievements and the excellent level these cadets reach once they become globally qualified surf instructors,” explains director Saxon. “The people are so driven and tenacious, as well as being wonderful humans – capturing their journey is what film making is all about!”

Bounce heads to international festival circuit

After overwhelmingly positive feedback from private screenings in LA and Melbourne, Aussie horror “Bounce” is headed into the big wide world to make its rounds on the international festival circuit.

Earlier this year, private audiences squirmed, gasped, stared in disbelief, laughed out loud and burst into spontaneous and raucous applause at the short starring Jessica Miller, Luke Saville and Jack Sullivan as teenagers hunted down by a mysterious monster in the all-Australian bush.

“We wanted to make something uniquely Australian”, explains director Saxon, “we can’t wait to see how an international audience will react!”

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