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Nicola Petrides

Production, Marketing and Project Management

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Legends. Thanks so much for your awesome work. Stoked to have some amazing stuff to deliver that you created. Let’s stay in touch big time. 

Nat Folkes, CEO, Mojosurf

Surfer’s Dreaming shot at Spot X

On location in New South Wales for 4 months the Rat & Dragon crew could not have left without shooting a 4 part mini-series following two wannabe-Aussie (a Brit & a Swede, to be precise) surf bums as they fantasise about office life.

“We couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass us by,” explains director Saxon, who also wrote the series. “Surrounded by the real deal and flipping it all on its head was heaps of fun.” Provided the cameras didn’t break due to sand on the SD cards, Surfers Dreaming will hit youtube soon.

Mojosurf Hero Launch

Mojosurf re-vamps Aussie content

What better project can you wish for after 2 months moving every day around dusty South East Asia than a 4 month stint at one of Australia’s most chilled out surf camps?

8 months and 9 countries after producing a film a day for Mojosurf‘s launch adventure in Indonesia (plus a Bali & Beyond hero), the Rat & Dragon team are nestling down at mythical backpacker surf haven Spot X to get their teeth into Mojosurf’s content strategy.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, I’m alone on this one,” explains director Saxon Yuen, “lucky we are able to schedule 4 months for the complete overhaul. It’s very exciting to be creating a fresh identity for brand as established as Mojosurf.”

Stray Myanmar Maiden Expedition

When faced with the prospect of shooting in a country that is slowly opening up after decades of military rule, the Rat & Dragon team could not have been more excited.

Flying into Mandalay after 6 weeks on production for Stray in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, producer Nicola explains: “Myanmar is at a really interesting turning point, where tourists are for the first time getting a chance to experience communities and destinations previously untouched by the rather formal government run tours.

From a production point of view it’s going to be about balancing our commercial needs with the customer’s experience and impacting the local communities the least. We’ll be working with guides who aren’t used to film crews looking for less traditional kinds of shots, but right from the start, it’s a real privilege to be here.”