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Many Voices and One Hilarious Compilation

The epic Intro Travel project of 2019 has launched its brand new creative – a comedic mashup of team leaders, ground staff and collaborators all talking at the same time, but creating an entirely new narrative once put together like some kind of audio version of the exquisite corpse.

“We had to put in a lot of planning to make all the pieces seamlessly fit together across 6 countries and multiple locations therein,” explains director Saxon. “Needless to say, even whilst filming all the half sentences that by themselves made no sense at all, hilarity ensued.”

The Rat and Dragon team worked closely with Intro Travel to execute the ambitious project, as part of a massive 26 deliverables production throughout 2019 and 2020.

The Intronaut

Eyejack take over Winter Festival

Augmented Reality art, projected retro games, animated tattoos, digital finger painting, even fashion that comes to life through digital enhancement – the Ballarat Winter Festival boasts cutting edge technological and artistic experiences all thanks to AR pioneers Eyejack.

“It was so much fun exploring the festival,” explains production assistant and junior shooter Isabelle, “there’s so much going on and so many happy faces to film as they are awed by yet another incredible Eyejack offering. Plus we had a lot of fun trying out the pieces for ourselves too!”

The festival, which runs for 2 weeks throughout the Australian winter months attracts thousands of visitors from the surrounding areas and nearby Melbourne. As always, the Rat & Dragon team were more than happy to capture the excitement for Eyejack.

Asia, Europe, America, Oceania – OUTER SPACE!

Constantly pushing the creative boundaries of the travel film industry, the Rat & Dragon team have created one of the most anticipated ad campaigns of 2020 – the Intro Travel Astronaut. THE INTRONAUT.

“We had the idea a while back,” explains producer Nicola, “and with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on our doorstep – what better time to unleash our newest creation on the world.”

RaD conceptualised the project, building a space suit from scratch and shooting around 6 countries for half of 2019 for adventure travel experts Intro Travel, who have been supporting new and innovative content to promote their brand. Ground crew, head office and the RaD studio worked tirelessly to bring the project to life, which has been incredibly well received reaching more than a 40% retention rate and over 150 thousand views within its first two weeks after launch.

Transitions Film Festival VR Podcast

Following the sold out “VR for the Future” session at this year’s Transitions Film Festival and huge interest in the general public, the Festival team are proud to announce the release of the VR for the Future podcast, where you can catch producer Nicola, internationally renowned artist Christian Thompson, renegade 360 film maker Lester Francois and Terrain Earth’s Cristina Napoleone discuss how VR can specifically be used to shape a better future.

“Representing Sutu and guiding audiences through both the Future Dreaming and Heart of Darkness VR experiences has been fantastic” shares producer Nicola, “and being on the panel with such inspiring creatives to chat all things VR with such a highly engaged audience has been a highlight of 2020 so far.”

Catch the podcast episode on VR for the Future here.