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Nicola Petrides

Production, Marketing and Project Management

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6 month project with Intro Travel complete

6 months, 13000km, 2tb of rushes, 14 films and surprisingly only 5 crates of Bintang after the RaD team and Intro Travel set off to capture the essence of South East Asian backpacking, the epic project across 4 countries and two continents is complete.

“Finishing off in Sydney with a bunch of fresh Oz Intro frothers was so much fun,” explains tour guide Mikayla, “and the RaD team were certainly at the heart of the awesome atmosphere”. “It’s been amazing,” adds producer Nicola, “we can’t wait to shoot for Intro Travel again.”


Thanks so much for all the awesome content. It looked like a really beautiful roadtrip and just the best weather. Drive safe and thanks for all the hard work – loved it!

Sally Wells & Rachael Harwood, Global Community and Marketing Communications Manager & Digital Content Specialist, THL

RaD screen on Melbourne’s Fed Square

Throughout April, Rat & Dragon‘s films for Destination Melbourne will be screening on the big screen on Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne, Australia’s second biggest city. The four films produced last year for the city’s DYOB campaign will be shown every day for a month on the central city square that attracts over 1 million visitors each year.

“We’re excited so many people will be able to enjoy the DYOB Dandenong films. The project has been one of our favourites so far”, explains producer Nicola, “with real people, amazing stories, delicious food, surprising sights and the authenticity we love so much about our work in travel”.

Augmented Reality with Eyejack

The RaD team is currently collaborating with world-renowned illustrator, interactive designer and digital artist SUTU and Eyejack to document the team’s mind blowing augmented reality technology that brings murals, comic books, exhibitions, posters and art installations to life.

“Shooting the world’s biggest AR mural by George Rose was quite a challenge”, explain director Saxon and speciality drone pilot Ben, “it’s right in the middle of Melbourne Central and the foot traffic and supporting cables around the shot tower made flying rather exciting.”

Further projects include A H Mitchell‘s installation at Melbourne’s White Night 2018, the 2017 Prosthetic Reality Project and Mue Bon‘s installation at the luxury brand Hermès in the CBD.


White Night with Eyejack and Alex Mitchell