Production Management: Film, Photography and Digital

Nicola Petrides

Production, Marketing and Project Management

For all projects and production management inquiries, or to request a CV please contact me.

Nicola’s job was to be solely responsible for planning, structuring, organising and managing the Photography Isn’t Dead events, and then producing a followup booklet. Her work was flawless, energetic and always delivered with smiles and good nature.

Not only did she have to absorb large volumes of unfamiliar technical gubbins to write the seminars, she was also instrumental in pulling together the artistic directions of the project. Nicola had an energetic intellect and professional yet fun approach to her work at Happy Finish and she will be a great asset to any company who has the good fortune to employ her. I look forward to hearing about future successes.

Christopher Peabody, Senior Retoucher, Happy Finish

PID booklet now available

The PID team proudly present the PID booklet which enables all attendees to share details presented in the recent PID events with not so lucky colleagues.

A comprehensive beginners guide to shooting for CG, three very different case studies are presented with full step-by step instructions and similar examples, including checklists and solutions to common pitfalls.

Want to catch up with the wizz-kids? You can download your very own PID booklet here.

I have found Nicola to be extremely professional, exceedingly capable and at all times an absolute pleasure to work with. She is both innovative and possessed of remarkable organisational skills – as clearly demonstrated by the superb “Photography isn’t Dead” events she managed for Happy Finish earlier this year (2010). Her delightful personality and business acumen should take her far.

Halita Obineche, Advertising and Sponsorship Manager, The Association of Photographers

Creative Review editorial feature

The Photography isn’t Dead team is happy to announce our editorial feature in Creative Review June 2010.

In response to Carl Lyttle’s claim last year that “the traditional studio photographer is about to die” Diane Smyth deputy editor of the British Journal of Photography writes: “Photography is still going strong, [photographers are seeing] CGI as more opportunity than a threat”.

“We are overjoyed at the positive response from the industry and look forward to combining strengths of photography and CG to everyone’s benefits”. The PID team is rightly chuffed.

PID celebrates great success

Over 700 industry professionals attended this year’s Photography Isn’t Dead events season that kickstarted a huge positive spin to the ongoing debate on photography vs CGI formalised by last year’s Creative Review article on the death of photography.

“We are proud to offer a positive view and actively empower photographers to use CGI for the great tool that it is”, explains the PID team. The events took place in the actual shoot locations to show step by step how the images displayed were created.

Signups included AMV/BBDO, Wieden & Kennedy, the Guardian, the BBC and numerous high-profile members of the Association of Photographers, who no doubt also enjoyed the Village Underground afterparty into the small hours of the 7th of May 2010.