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Nicola Petrides

Production, Marketing and Project Management

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Destination Melbourne book RaD for city wide promos

Spanning the entire Melbourne city and urban region, Destination Melbourne has been promoting the world’s most liveable city to visitors and locals for years. Leading up to a brand overhaul for the DYOB program, Rat & Dragon have been commissioned to produce fresh and engaging destination content over 2017.

“We’re very excited to be working with DM,” explains producer Nicola, “Melbourne has a a huge scope of beautiful experiences and locations to show off, and we can’t wait to explore our own city like never before.”

RaD shoot King Island for Kirkhope Aviation

Rat & Dragon are excited to be filming for Kirkhope Aviation, who run luxury private charter trips for adventurous groups of 6-12, and capture one of their iconic destinations that range from Lake Eyre and Lord Howe Island to Kangaroo Island, Cape York and King Island in the middle of the Bass Strait, between Port Philip Bay and Tasmania.

“Due to Kirkhope Aviation’s small but comfortable planes, guests are able to access otherwise inaccessible locations,” explains producer Nicola, “and it is our absolute privilege to capture the adventure as it unfolds.”

A short and comfortable 45 minute flight, King Island showcases stunning landscapes, world class dairy, excellent surf beaches and incredible national parks as well as quite a few shipwrecks.

It will be so sad to stop working with you guys but it’s been so great, you guys are seriously the best! All the drop zones have said how easy you were to work with and how RAD you both are. Thanks for everything!

Brooke Grundy, Marketing Manager, Skydive Australia

YTN and yATEC welcome RaD

The festive season has well and truly hit and despite the sweltering heat the Young Tourism Network and the Australian Tourism Export Council stole the show at this year’s annual pre-Christmas meetup. The news of Tourism Australia’s $10mill global youth campaign was undoubtedly one of the hottest conversation topics.

“It’s fantastic to be here and mingle amongst such a diverse group of industry professionals,” explains director Saxon, “from local providers to government to national and international tourism organisations, everyone’s having a good time. Promoting youth travel? We’ve been scheming all night!”

Skydive Australia