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Nicola Petrides

Production, Marketing and Project Management

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STA Travel Commissions Insider Intel Series

“Big flashy corporate ads are a thing of the past. Customers respond to authenticity, to real people and real stories,” runs s panel discussion at the Q4 2013 World Travel Market.

In 2014, STA Travel‘s brand new Insider Intel series aims to deliver just that. Produced by Rat & Dragon, the 6-part series follows real-life residents of some of the world’s most exciting cities and destinations as they go about their daily lives.

“Covering Berlin, Moscow, the Trans-Siberian, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok, the films give me a fresh and genuine insight into what you can experience in other cities,” explains presenter Joy, “it’s a fantastic project to be part of!”

Epic Journey – London to Sydney – no flying

To kickstart Rat & Dragon‘s global film portfolio, director Saxon and producer Nicola are this December setting off on an epic mission.

Travelling overland from Hyde Park London to Hyde Park Sydney, the core team will meet up with local crew along the way to produce a 6 part series for STA Travel and films for tour company Stray and surf and adventure collective Mojosurf, amongst others.

“Undertaking such a huge travel project alone is quite an undertaking”, explains producer Nicola, “but producing commercially successful films along the way is going to need great support from our crews around the world. Personally, we can’t wait to get started.”

The AutoDrive team attend BIFA

Hours before setting off on the Rat & Dragon Epic Journey, the AutoDrive team rub shoulders with the greats of the UK independent film industry at this year’s BIFA.

The British Independent Film Awards saw James McAvoy win best actor for his performance in Filth, Sean Ellis win Best Director for Metro Manila and Z1 win best British short.

“BIFA is always a great opportunity to catch up despite everyone’s busy schedules and celebrate indie film in the UK,” explains producer Nicola. “We leave on the Epic Journey tomorrow morning so timing couldn’t have been better.”

Blue Ninja lost in Dallas

Rat & Dragon, currently stationed in Dallas, Texas, are in production of ‘Blue Ninja’, a destination film like you’ve never seen before.

As if following a little blue ninja with… ninja skills around the citie’s huge skyscrapers or the cowboy-packed stockyards of neighbouring Fort Worth wasn’t hard enough, the Rat & Dragon production team have taken on the task to tell the lost Ninja’s story whilst featuring all Dallas‘ key sights and activities.

“She’s cute but deadly” explains director Saxon Yuen to the local support team. “All she needs is to find someone to fight. All we need is to come out alive. Good luck!”

AutoDrive screens at San Diego Film Festival

Rory O’Donnell’s surreal tech-thriller AutoDrive has screened to wide acclaim at this year’s San Diego Film Festival.

An audience favourite in the “especially well received” Twilight Zone program, AutoDrive’s  third festival selection in the United States “exposes the occasional dark side of technological progress, and serves as an allegory for labor exploitation”, writes Terence Butcher of PopMatters.

“We’re very pleased with this year’s reception at San Diego”, director Rory O’Donnell shares with producer Nicola, “especially as it’s the second time one of your films is here. I’m going to have to make another one quick.”