Production Management: Film, Photography and Digital

Nicola Petrides

Production, Marketing and Project Management

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Makes me so appreciative and happy with the content you have created. Its real step forward for Stray.

Antonia Elliot, Marketing Manager, Stray Travel Ltd.

6 month Skydive Australia production wrapped

Pickup shots are in the can and production has officially wrapped on one of Rat & Dragon‘s most involved projects to date.

“Shooting a designated film for each of Skydive Australia‘s drop zone around the country the size of Europe and for a very weather-dependent sport has been hectic,” explains director Saxon, “but our teams on the ground and in the air have made incredible things happen.

We’re always excited about working with skilled and passionate professionals who are doing what they love. Skydive has been no exception, we can’t wait to work with the camera fliers and support team again.”

Producer’s reel 2016

Morning Gloryville burns up central Melbourne

Global pre-work rave phenomenon Morning Gloryville celebrates its legendary outlandishness with its newest Melbourne instalment, an intergalactic jurassic sparkle party.

“We had a lot of fun filming for MGV last year,” explains Rat & Dragon director Saxon, “the crowd are great, the energy is next to none and thanks to everyone’s huge effort with decor and costumes, visually it’s a bit of a feast. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

Instagram follows Rat & Dragon

In a rare move, Instagram has started following Rat & Dragon.

“We’re really excited to bring out little pieces of destination inspiration to an even wider audience,” explains director Saxon. “Thanks for an awesome platform to share our work and showing active interest in independent content producers. The world is one helluva studio!”